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How To Wear Men’s Jewellery Without Looking Tacky

Rings, necklaces, bracelets – these are the staple accessories for men to wear in their day-to-day lives. If you’re unsure of how to style them, allow us to be the guidance you need.

Whether you take inspiration from the rock and roll heroes of our time, or you’re looking to more current references like Connell from Normal People, men’s jewellery is something we think all guys should learn to love. Here are a few rules and examples of how to wear those forgotten treasures.


How To Wear Men’s Necklaces

If you want to add some attitude to your outfit then incorporate a necklace, whether that be a cross, padlock or a simple chain. Worn over a shirt or plain T-shirt, men’s necklaces can seriously elevate your look, taking it from casual to smart casual just like that. We would suggest sticking to one necklace alone, though. Nothing will weigh you down like a heavy neck of miss-matched jewellery.



How To Wear Men’s Bracelets

The closest thing that the modern guy has to a bracelet these days is a germ riddled festival band from that ‘totally sick time’ they had at Reading festival. Move on, dude. Cut those memories off and go for a woven black leather bracelet, or, if you’re more inclined to wearing smarter pieces (and have a penchant for leather jackets), a chunky metal style.



How To Wear Men’s Rings

If you’re going to wear just the one ring, make sure it’s a statement; we’d suggest going for a signet ring. This is a timeless piece that’s been around since the days of the Old Testament, most commonly used to signify a family crest or personal emblem which is typically worn on the smallest finger of your non-dominant hand. However, if you don’t have an ancestral crest because your family doesn’t own 50 acres of land, you can wear it just because you think it’s cool on whatever finger you damn well like.


How To Stack Men’s Rings

Wearing multiple rings on both hands can be a daunting prospect. The trick is to keep them in all relatively similar in colour and style e.g. silver with silver, skulls with other bleak gothic iconography. You’ve also got to be relatively eccentric in your dress sense too. If you’re into just sweatpants and hoodies, stacking might not be for you as it probably wouldn’t fit your streetwear aesthetic. But if you’re into skinny suiting and pointy boots, it could be right up your street.









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