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We Answer Google’s Most-Searched Denim Questions

Continuously inundated with denim-related questions, we thought we’d nip it in the bud and kill 10 birds with one stone by answering all of Google’s most-searched questions? “Why do my jeans smell?”, you ask. Here’s why…

With the upcoming launch of our new denim campaign, we know you guys are going to have plenty of questions about everything-jeans. We’ve already answered the most-asked question ‘how do I make my jeans last longer?’, but now we’re here to fill in the gaps for all those odd asks that nobody ever answers.

To cover all grounds, we’ve enlisted the help of Google to let us know what you want to know in search volume order. Button-up, this might get weird…


Why do my jeans smell?

If you’re searching this, you’re probably not a position anyone particularly wants to find themselves in. However, if an answer’s what you want, an answer is what you’ll get. If your jeans do, in fact, emit a foul odour, you’re in the right place for a touch of advice.

Rumour has it there are a few ways to get rid of a smell on your jeans (understand that fabric soaks in odours like sponges soak in water – it’s just what they do). There are, of course, the slightly unconventional ways (putting them in the oven or freezer to kill the bacteria), but we wouldn’t recommend these as freezing them just puts the bacteria into a coma, it doesn’t kill them and baking them…well…you can work out why that’s a bad idea.

We think the best way to get smells out of your jeans is to soak them – or any other item that smells or has stains – in an oxygen bleach formula (this one is pretty good). Don’t worry – this won’t affect the colour of your jeans. Mix a spoonful of the powder with some water and let your jeans soak overnight. Chuck them in a cold wash the next day and they should smell as fresh as ever.


Why do my jeans always rip?

To put it frankly, you’re buying the wrong jeans. Not ones to honk our own horn, but our jeans are insane. You can count on the quality of all TOPMAN jeans; they’re designed to stick around.

If your jeans are a good few years in and the natural denim has started giving into wear and tear, think about re-vamping them before you throw them out. Ripping your old denim can give it a whole new lease of life.





Why do my jeans fall down?

They’re too big or you’re not wearing a belt.


How do I stop my jeans from bleeding?

Bleeding/fading/running – whatever you want to call it, most jeans tend to do this when they’re brand new. To stop this from happening, you need to further fix the dye before you pop them in the wash.

The old white vinegar and salt soak trick works for most people – just don’t overdo it on the vinegar. Soak them overnight and wash them inside out on a cold wash the next day. Always make sure you wash your darks together, too!


How do I make my jeans softer?

Denim is naturally quite a stiff martial. The best way to soften them up is simply to wear them more. Like new leather boots, the more you wear your jeans, the more they’ll fit your body. When fresh out of the wash, do a couple of easy squats in them to warm the denim up (just don’t pop any buttons when you do).


Why do my jeans wrinkle?

If you ever get those faded wrinkle lines on your jeans, the chances are you’re washing them wrong. When washing jeans, you need to do these things every time: turn them inside out, put them on a cold wash (30° will do) and hang dry them flat. No tumble dryer! This will keep your jeans looking fresh every time.






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