TOPMAN Chats Music And Isolation With Freddie Long

Just because we’re all stuck at home, it doesn’t mean we can’t keep connected. That’s why we checked into Zoom with musician Freddie Long to see what he’s getting up to during isolation.

2020 has already proved a testing year for many of us, and with Freddie Long releasing his new single White Water only a month ago in March, we wondered what was keeping him busy while staying at home.

After 5 minutes of hand signalling over whose microphone was muted, we finally got comfortable for a good old Zoom conversation – the new norm, it seems. “It all happened so quick, didn’t it?”, Freddie says. “Like some sort of movie. Then all of a sudden, everything’s cancelled!”

Give us a quick intro!

I’m Freddie Long, I’m from Brighton, I’m a singer and yeah… we’re currently in quarantine.


How did you get into music?

I was quite late getting into music. I’ve always been really into it, which sounds cliché, but it wasn’t until I was 15/16 that I wanted to see where I could go with it. After a while, I decided to move to London and started playing open mic nights… which were interesting. I played some strange gigs; there was one bizarre, run-down pub that served dyed green beer that all the locals drunk – pretty ropey. I ended up meeting my manager through open mics, so it turned out to be a really good thing.


Did you study music at uni?

I went to Bournemouth Uni for a couple of years, but I studied marketing which I didn’t get on with. I kind of got sucked into the lifestyle a bit too much. One night, my mates and I were wrestling out of the attic; the last one left in the attic won. I was falling down the ladder and my leg got caught and snapped. After that, I was a bit like, ‘what am I doing‘, so I quit, moved to London and started doing the open mics!


Was singing something that came naturally?

When I started putting my stuff on Facebook and got a good reaction, I realised people were responding to it. Over the years, I’ve definitely found my sound. The more I work at it, the more I find my feet.


What’s your song making process?

When I first started off, it was just me on my guitar. I like to write my own songs, but I really enjoy collaborating with different writers and producers too. I get my inspiration from lots of places, mainly blogs and magazines. ‘White Water’ was actually the name of an article in a magazine. I really connected with it and the story came from there. Sometimes when I write, the words pour out of me – other times I can be stuck on the same sentence for hours!


You released your first EP Blessed or Cursed last year. Will we be seeing a debut album soon?

Well, I’ve just released White Water which is the single for the next EP – the launch has been pushed back slightly but hopefully, it will be out for early summer. I would love to put out an album, but when you first start releasing music, you’re still trying to find your feet and figuring out what works for you. EPs are a nice way to test that. I’d love to do an album later down the line.



White Water is a great track – tell me about it.

White Water is very personal; it’s about someone in my life who helped me pull through bad situations and also about negative energy trying to creep back in. This track is about trying to fight it.


Where did the video idea come from?

I wanted to make the visuals quite dramatic, so we had 4 masked dancers which resembled the negative energy. Throughout the video, they’re trying to lure in me. At the end of the video, you’ll notice they ‘catch’ me – this is leading on to my next single Fade which follows on from the story.


How are you getting through these isolated times? What’s keeping you busy?

I’m no cook, but I’m trying it out in the kitchen! I made some beef lettuce cups the other day…I somehow managed to burn the mince, but they still tasted pretty banging.

Music-wise, I’m finding this time useful to reflect on new things. It’s hard not being able to go out for all my sessions, but I try and Skype or Zoom what I can. We’re fortunate that we managed to tie the next EP together just before this all started. I’m also working on an online tour around 5 countries, which is coming soon. I’ll be playing some of my tracks, chatting with the viewers and having some fun. I actually bought a £10 green screen online.. so I’m going to attempt to edit in the background of each country…not sure how it’s going to turn out, but it should be fun!

Check out Freddie Long’s website for more updates.


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