England Rugby, London, United Kingdom - 17 Oct 2020
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What To Wear To Watch The Six Nations Rugby

It’s time for the rugby fans to come out in droves: The 2020 Six Nations Championship is here.

More fixtures and more tv-prioritising arguments, the 2020 Six Nations Championship has kicked off in style. Here’s what to wear while you watch it…


The Best Loungewear To Watch The Rugby In

There’s nothing better than a rugby weekend; feet up on the sofa, beer in hand, snacks at the ready, kick-off in 5 minutes. If this sounds like a bit of you, you’ll know all too well that having the right loungewear is essential to getting through the 80 minutes of action.

We’ve picked out the loungewear that ticks all the rugby-watching boxes. You can wear it inside just as easy as you can wear it on a quick shop run for all of the essentials.




The Best Smarts To Watch The Rugby In

If you like to watch the rugby in your smarts (aka jeans, polos, jumpers and 1/4 zips), then these styles are for you. Just be wary that there’s an 80% of beverage spillage when watching rugby – it just comes with the territory. How to get over this? Dark clothing. Wear clothes that, if covered in beer, won’t show up too much and ruin your look entirely (and then just chuck them in the wash when the game’s over).




Wear Your Rugby Team Colours

You’d be mad to go the whole Six Nations without sporting your team colours at least once. Whether you’re England, Wales, Scotland, Italy etc., sports the best styles in the right colours to cheer on your team from home. Don’t worry – these picks aren’t just for the game – you can wear them all autumn winter, too.

Take a look at the below options for a bit of inspo.






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