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The 6 Fashion ‘Rules’ That We Should All Be Ignoring

Let’s be honest – style is such a broad spectrum that nobody should be making rules that anyone should feel they have to follow. These are some of them.

We’ve all heard them: “don’t wear black and navy together“, “don’t clash prints“, “how dare you not wear socks with those shoes!“. We’re here to tell you exactly which ‘rules’ you need to be ignoring.


1. Wearing Black And Navy Together

Does anyone know who actually invented this rule? Because it’s downright daft. Black and navy is a slick colour combination that should not be denied. Ever. Don’t believe us? Feast your eyes on this BLACK AND NAVY combo below…



2. Mixing Gold And Silver Jewellery

Another silly rule to ignore, wearing both gold and silver jewellery is totally fine. We mean, sure – don’t go overkill, but there’s no need to overthink it either.

Ps. check out the jewellery inspired by Connell from Normal People here.




3. Not Wearing Socks With Shoes

The only bad thing about not wearing socks with shoes is that the shoes might start to smell before their time. Other than that, ignore the rule! If you like wearing trainers or loafers without socks, that’s totally cool. Invisible socks are the perfect compromise.



4. Tucking In Your Shirts/T-shirts

Once deemed as ‘uncool’, tucking your shirt or T-shirt into your trousers is one of our favourite kind of ‘fits. Automatically transforming any casual look into a smart/casual outfit, we recommend doing this MORE than you already are.



5. Wearing Clashing Prints

This rule goes for colours, too. If you like two prints (or colours), wear them together with NO shame. Loud is proud. Repeat it.



6. Bucket Hats

Contrary to popular belief, bucket hats are not just for the festival season. Holiday, home, beer garden, shopping – wear your bucket hat whenever the mood is right (and we’re always in the mood).






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