The 5 Page-Turning Thrillers You Need To Read Right Away

As autumn/winter rolls in, it’s goodbye to light summer reading and hello to dark, page-turning thrillers. Who’s ready for cosy nights and darker commutes filled with gripping books you can’t put down?

If thrillers are your thing (thrillers should be everyone’s thing), then you, too will understand that feeling of not being able to put a book down. One of the best literary genres about, take a look at our picks of the 5 thrillers you need to read right away.


A Knock On The Door, by T.W. Ellis

They knock on the door and ask for her husband. They say her husband isn’t who he says he is. Come with us. “Don’t trust them”, says a voice on the phone. Run. Who would you believe? This psychological thriller will have you glued.



One In Three, by Tess Stimson

When Andrew gets murdered at a family party, all the talk is about who could have done it. They say, ‘it’s always the wife’, but in this case, which wife? Since Louise and Andrew divorced four years ago, she’s had to watch him make a new life – and family – with what was ‘the other woman’. While trying to remain civil, they find they discover more about the man they both married. If you enjoyed The Girl On The Train, you’ll really love this.



Find Them Dead, by Peter James

Meg finally has finally got her life back together after a car crash kills her husband and son. Her daughter, Laura, now 18, is travelling with a friend, and Meg misses her badly. Laura is all she has in the world. When Meg gets called for jury duty, the last thing she expected was to be faced with photos of Laura waiting for her on her kitchen table, followed by mysterious phone calls demanding she says ‘not guilty’.



One Perfect Morning, by Pamela Crane

Best friends since college, Mackenzie, Robin and Lily have the perfect lives. That is until one of their husbands get murdered. This is a story of trust, lies and different variations of the truth. Can three people who have always told each other everything suddenly realise they don’t know each other at all?



Senseless, by Ed James

When a missing person turns up delirious, the police are stuck for answers. It’s not until another missing person turns up half-crazed and hysterical that a pattern starts to form – someone out there is praying on victims and driving them to insanity. With even more people at risk, for DS Corcoran, haunted by a previous case, and Dr Marie Palmer, a leading criminal psychiatrist, every second is critical.





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