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Style Evolution: Morrissey

As ever, Morrissey is never short of an opinion, on the topic of style he says “style has nothing to do with your clothes. Either you are stylish or you aren’t”. That statement is reflective of The Smiths’ central ethos that they didn’t have to portray an overly flamboyant image in order to write and perform great music; an idea which in an age of new romanticism, make-up, Culture Club and Duran Duran, seemed completely alien.

However, despite adopting this casual, almost utilitarian aesthetic, The Smiths (or to be more precise, Morrissey and Johnny Marr) became icons of not just popular music, but also style. Morrissey’s trademark NHS glasses and short-back-and-sides, quiffed hair-do of the 80’s wouldn’t look at all out of place in 2016. To see how Morrissey has transited from boy to charming man, check out his style timeline below.

Morrissey Style

Morrissey style
1983 – 1990, The Smiths era

Long beads swinging around his neck, billowing shirt unbuttoned to an unimaginable level, 501s on and daffodils in hand; gliding around the stage like a leaf in the wind. For early Smiths fans this is the iconic image which is instantly conjured up whenever Morrissey’s name is mentioned. The NHS spectacles were also a regular feature through this period. Although Morrissey never had any medical need for the glasses, they were supposed to look inherently un-cool and intended as a nod towards all those, who like himself, didn’t quite fit into mainstream society and youth culture.

Morrissey - Style Icon Morrissey - 1990s menswear



1990 – 2000, Post-Smiths era
The shiny shirt years: Moz developed a real penchant for the shiniest of shirts in the years following The Smiths’ breakup. He wore these shiny shirts unbuttoned to half-mast in trademark fashion, on every date of his 1992 tour, promoting his third studio album, Your Arsenal. Into the mid-nineties and Morrissey’s signature hair-do reduced in size, marking a dramatic change in his style. The baggy shirts were ditched in favour of more fitted styles, while tailored suits and dress shoes became the norm, especially toward the end of the decade.

Morrissey: most stylish Morrissey: Most Stylish Musician

2000 – Present
Throughout the 00’s Morrissey was rarely seen in anything but a suit, occasionally switching it up for jeans, a blazer and a graphic T-shirt. Large rings and high-collared shirts are common features in his current outfits, as well as necklaces and pendants.
This was the era where Morrissey cemented his current style, found his niche and he hasn’t really veered away from it since….except from the occasional velvet blazer or tuxedo.

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