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Transform Your Skin with these Tried and Tested Men’s Grooming Tips

Taking care of your hair and what you’re wearing every day may seem like second nature – but are you putting the same amount of effort into keeping your skin looking top notch too? Well those of us who aren’t are missing a trick. Teaming up with men’s grooming experts Murdock we learnt that nailing an effective skincare routine couldn’t be any easier (and definitely doesn’t make you an American Psycho). So man up, scrub up and cast an eye over these skincare dos and don’ts.

DID YOU KNOW: Bee stings can make you look younger
Still used by a number of dedicated celebs today, the ancient practice of administering facial bee stings causes a rush of blood to the surface of the skin and stimulates the production of natural collagen and elastin. Is it worth the pain? To be honest, we don’t recommend that you try and find out!



Get scrubbing
Not every day, but once or twice a week use a facial exfoliator to clear the build-up of dead skin you naturally accumulate. Men produce more skin cells than women and those dead ones need to be washed off sharpish to avoid a greasy complexion. Take advantage of a hot shower when using your exfoliator as the steam helps open the pores allowing the scrub to be better absorbed. Apply in a circular motion to small areas of the face at a time to deepen the cleansing then close the pores with a splash of cold water before patting your face dry.

Keep your eyes on the ball
Eye cream is a must for soothing tired skin, helping to reduce the appearance of puffiness, wrinkles and dark circles. These are common symptoms that can occur after long hours spent at work followed by late night Netflix binges or staying out to enjoy a drink or five (eye cream can also be great for nursing/disguising a hangover, but you didn’t hear that from us…). Choose a cream containing peptides which help increase blood circulation and decrease inflammation to eliminate those dark bags. Just remember to avoid direct application to your eyes.

Slow down your shave
Shaving with the wrong technique or simply too aggressively can cause your skin irritation, redness and ingrown hairs. These are all incredibly common symptoms that many men endure and are yet so easy to avoid. Firstly, be sure to shave in the direction of your hair growth at all times. Shaving this way ensures that you don’t pull any hairs out of their follicles in the wrong direction, which will lead to a burning sensation. Also, make sure you create a lot of tension on your skin to create an exposed, taut surface to shave across to reduce the chance of your razor bumping over your face – another common cause of razor burn. In a nutshell, take your time and keep that technique as smooth as you want your skin to feel.

DID YOU KNOW: Coffee could actually be slowing you down
Not only could cutting out your daily caffeine fix save you a fair bit of hard-earned ching, it could also save your complexion too. The debate is still on as to whether coffee in moderation is good for you or not and there’s a theory that it elevates the level of your body’s stress hormones resulting in an excess production of insulin. This can cause your skin to become more oily, your pores clogged and leave you with some nasty inflamed break outs.




Leave your lips
A trusty product to carry around with you is lip balm. There’s no embarrassment to be had in effectively combating dehydration and preventing excessive loss of moisture. Ultimately, nobody wants to go near dry, cracked lips, so keep them looking and feeling healthy in preparation for making a lasting impression following those intimate moments.

Take your beard for granted
We thoroughly recommend all you bearded gents to apply moisturiser daily to help combat brittle hair and to leave it soft and healthy – even the finest of beards can benefit! And don’t overlook the skin underneath which still needs looking after, especially in order to help reduce itching. Aloe vera is a key ingredient to look out for as it helps retain moisture in the skin while menthol will provide an extra boost of refreshment. To further battle dehydration, choose a product containing wheat protein to keep skin wholesome, soft and supple.

Let your travels interrupt your regime
A smooth and nourishing daily regime is highly important to a man’s upkeep, so you should always look to maintain a substantial and confident skincare process whatever any new environment might throw at you. For too long men have been reduced to gambling on generic offerings of all-in-one shampoos & shower gels on their travels, or instead, trying to cram half-used, full size products into wash bags – risking leakages and essentially a ruined trip (we’ve all done it). It just doesn’t scream stylish, confident traveller. Invest in a proper travel set with all the mini essential grooming products you’ll need to effortlessly maintain your daily regime and keep yourself looking fresh on holiday.

DID YOU KNOW: A tidy house is a tidy visage
Your environment is more important than you might think in maintaining a healthy complexion. We all spend roughly a third of our time between the sheets so keeping them clean is key. Non-bio detergents contain no enzymes and are recommended to reduce the risk of skin irritation. And those of us that work in an office spend another third of our days in front of a computer, tapping away at dusty germ-infested keyboards with the same fingers that stroke our chins and touch our delicate cheeks at regular intervals in the day. Getting the duster and the anti-bac out on a regular basis could work wonders.



 The Thank You Bit
Cheers to Murdock for their help with this blog post. If you’d like to read more excellent advice from some of the coolest grooming experts around, check out their editorial site – The Murdock Man.

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