New Music: Get To Know Electronic Artist Elderbrook

He started in London, he’s won over America and he’s played on stages of all kinds in-between. Electronic artist Elderbrook is on his own road to world domination. Since we love introducing the best of new music to our blog, we caught up with Elderbrook for a chat about his award-winning sound, his most successful collaborations and his new single, Numb.

Does Elderbrook sound familiar? You’re bound to have come across him in some of his hit tracks. Remember Cola with Camelphat? Yep, that was him. How about Something About You with Rudimental? Also him. (Scroll down to watch the videos). Singer, songwriter, producer, mental health advocate and all-round great guy, we spoke to Elderbrook to get the latest on his music. Ears pricking? Read on.




Hey, Elderbrook! Want to you introduce yourself?

Hey! I’m Elderbrook (Alex) and I’m a singer/producer based just outside London making electronic and indie music. I play some instruments, too!

Why music?
It’s the one thing I’ve always been good at over everything else; music has just always been there. I couldn’t imagine doing anything different.

Let’s talk about Something About You with Rudimental. We love the track and video; how do you go about the collaboration process?

With this song I had the vocal melody and lyrics for ages but I couldn’t figure out what to do with them or how to make them work with production underneath. I had known Rudimental for a while having been signed to the same label as them when I first started to release music. I reached out to the Rudimental guys to see if they could help and they were into it. After a little back and forth, we ended up with Something About You and it sounded great.

The video is such a ‘feel good’ watch with a strong message (see video below). How did the concept come about and how did Michael Socha get involved??

I wrote the song all about people needing people, and when we were thinking up video ideas, this one really stood out. The message is important and I thought this video would help it resonate with others. Michael Socha got involved because he believed in what the song was saying: the meaning meant a lot to him as I hope it does with everyone!



Cola was a huge hit – did things change for you after this?

Yeah, it did. The main way it changed for me was being able to work with a lot more people who may not have been aware of me before. Since Cola, I’ve worked with the likes of Diplo, Black Coffee and loads of others.

What did it mean to grab Grammy & Ivor Novello nominations for Cola?

It was amazing! We never thought it would be one of those songs that took off in the way it did. For it to be nominated for such prestigious awards was unreal. We just need to win them next time!



Your debut album is coming later this year – what can we look forward to with your first collection of work?

I’ve been working on the album for so long now – it’s amazing that it’s finally close to being released! With my album, I’ve definitely explored more of the indie roots of my musical journey. I started making music in bands and I was influenced by the indie artists of the time (Kings of Leon, The Strokes, Bloc Party etc.). The album is still electronic with dance vibes, but I was happy to take it back to the indie stuff.

Your new single Numb has just dropped – congrats! Tell me about the song?

I wrote Numb a while back when I was in LA. I went and made some music with producer Nicky Night Time and one of the ideas turned into Numb. The song is about loneliness, a subject that everyone knows too well.

And tell us about the video for Numb.

The song is about loneliness, but what I love about the video is that it shows that loneliness has the power to bring people together. The video follows a main character (played by Charly Clive) having a rough time, feeling alone and going for a late night walk to clear her mind. She starts dancing and moving in weird ways only to find that there is someone else doing exactly the same thing.

I see you made a little cameo in the video – how very Tarantino of you! Will you do this in all your videos?

Yeah, I’d love to do it in every video! Though sometimes, like in the Something About You video, the message and vibe of the video is too delicate and important to spoil.



How do you find playing live? Any highlights so far?

I love playing live. A definite highlight would be playing Coachella. Then again, playing Sziget festival in Budapest and Corona Capital in Mexico were amazing just because of the sheer size. Playing in Mexico for the first time was amazing as well. The crowd were amazing!

It seems you’ve become quite the jet setter! How do you find the travelling?

The actual being on planes isn’t fantastic, but I’ve always got my laptop with me so I can make new ideas on the go. I love travelling, though.

Festival season is coming up! Will we be seeing you?

Sure! I’m playing at some amazing US festivals this summer including Bonaroo and Lolapolooza. In the UK, so far, I’ll be at Broadmaster. Playing festivals is my thing – I’m excited!


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