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Missing Glasto? We Look Back At Some Iconic Stage Looks

As the peak of summer approaches, nothing feels quite the same without one of the world’s largest festivals taking place. If you, like us, are desperately missing Worthy Farm, get your Glastonbury fix here with this throwback of 10 iconic stage looks.

From 2004 Oasis (oh how we miss you) to 2019 Miley with a bit of 2000 Bowie thrown in for good measure, let’s re-live some of the best outfits to take Glasto’s centre stage.


Oasis, 2004

Come on, though. Just look how well-fitted the Gallagher brothers are on stage. For this 2004 Oasis performance, Noel takes a safe fashion route with jeans and a jacket. Liam, however, goes a little more on-theme with a feathered parka. You can take the boy out of Manchester…

Check out the feature image to see Liam’s exaggerated shirt look for the 1994 Oasis Glasto gig – that’s an outfit we can’t get enough of.



Stormzy, 2019

How could we even use the word ‘iconic’ if Stormzy’s 2019 vest wasn’t included in the round-up? Being the first black British solo artist to headline Glastonbury in its 49-year history, Stormzy graced the stage in this Banky stab-proof vest. What. A. Performance.

Glastonbury Festival, Day 3, UK - 28 Jun 2019


The Smiths, 1984

This one’s a real throwback – do we have any Smiths fans in the audience? We love this classic Morrissey look – he’s rarely seen performing in anything other than a shirt and jeans. Oh, and the quiff. Musn’t forget the quiff.



David Bowie, 2000

A wide cuffed shirt (or just unbuttoned) with a heavily embroidered blazer, Bowie is the style icon we all need. He really was the king of self-expression, and how eloquently he does it, too.



Florence and The Machine, 2010

When we reminisce on iconic Glasto performances, this Florence Welch gig always stands out to us. This moment was probably just as monumental for her as it was for us.

Glastonbury Festival, Somerset, Britain - 25 Jun 2010


Miley Cyrus & Billy-Ray Cyrus, 2019

Last year’s line-up saw father and daughter duo Miley & Billy-Ray Cyrus take the stage with more jewellery than Hatton Garden. Between Miley’s GLASTONBURY studded belt (you can just about see the Y on the left) and Billy-Ray’s arm tassels, these two certainly make a rocking pair.

Glastonbury Festival - Day Five, Pilton, United Kingdom - 30 Jun 2019


Major Lazer, 2017

Who else remembers Major Lazer wearing England Rugby shirts for their 2017 Glasto performance? We’re still not sure what they were trying to do, but we’re here for it.

Glastonbury Festival, Day 3, UK - 23 Jun 2017


Pharrell Williams, 2015

The king of Happy (and the king of layers), Pharrell Williams’s 2015 Glastonbury look saw biker meet sailer. A Hawaiian shirt with a leather jacket on top? This guy is the epitome of cool.

Glastonbury Festival, Britain - 27 Jun 2015


Mick Jagger, 2013

We’re finishing the round-up with this throwback to Mick Jagger’s sequin tux jacket. Worn for the 2013 performance with The Rolling Stones, many people regard this to be the best headliner to date. What’s your favourite?

Britain Festival, Glastonbury, United Kingdom







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