Find Out Which Men’s Hair Fade Suits You Best

The likes of Peaky Blinders has led to a mass resurface of retro menswear trends, noticeably in loose-fitted tailoring, baker boy hats and, of course, the hairstyles. If fades are your thing, you’re in the right place…

It’s a common misconception that ‘one fade fits all’ when, in fact, there are different fade styles which may suit you better than others. If you’re looking to tap into faded grounds, let Ruffian’s Richard Tucker explain the three main cuts and how you can get them…


The Layered Undercut

The layered undercut is the sharpest of the fades, even with its faded transition instead of just a number 0 taken to the sides. It’s a smooth-finish style that suits pretty much any occasion.

How to get it: To get the layered undercut, you want to make sure you have enough length on top to add texture and volume. Even though this is a shaper fade, blend the hair up from a 1 (instead of a 0) to give it a slicker finish. To style, use a pea-size amount of pomade after a wash and towel dry.


The Textured Undercut

This one, as the name suggests, is all about the texture. There’s still a hint of a fade below the temple areas, but this cut mostly pushes the hair forward to give your face more structure (although this style can actually be worn back as well as forwards). If you have a receding hairline, this fade is the one for you.

How to get it: Keep some length on the sides but fade the hair towards the ears and temples. This makes the textured top more of a feature. To style, use some pomade and sea salt spray to boost curl and volume.



The Medium Fade Undercut

The medium fade undercut creates a contrast between the top and the sides of the hair. Although the cut is still sharp, it’s far less harsh than some undercuts, namely the 1920s Peaky Blinders version, which can be too much of a statement for some.

How to style it: The medium fade leaves enough hair on the top and sides for the longer hair to flow into. Keep the length on top combed and neat for a sharper, more refined look. Some pomade and a fine comb will help to keep it in place.


For more tips and tricks on all things hair, take a look at our grooming page here.




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