Men's summer hair trends

Top 5 Summer Hair Trends

Just as fashions change by the season, so too do hair trends – but where we’re happy to update our wardrobe with the latest looks, we’re often more hesitant about changing up our hair style.

To help you get to grips with the big news in men’s summer hair trends, we’ve asked the nice barbers at Murdock London to talk us through this season’s big deals.

Men's hair trends - textured crop
The Textured Crop
For men with short hair but a heavier top, consider a fuller-textured classic crop whilst keeping the edges clippered and faded. This style offers more body to play with than the contemporary crop (below), and for more adventurous men, this can be worn with a longer fringe which can be parted slightly. Contemporise this look by using a sea salt spray to bring further definition to the main body and bulk out with a matte hair product for a firm, dry textured finish.

Men's Summer 2016 Hair Trends
The Natural Sweep
Ideal for gents with a mid-length top (up to about 20 cm) and a shorter back and sides. This style incorporates a short back, with sides also graduating in length and blending into the swept back fringe. Have your barber cut short over the ears, leaving more graduated length towards the top. Your style will remain longer towards the corners of the head which means the top can achieve that sightlier slicked back style. The texture on top should remain heavier to look less contrived, while the fringe should be softly swept back (not harshly pulled with a comb) to maintain a natural shape. When it comes to styling, remember less is more when it comes to maintaining a natural finish to compliment the shape. Sea salt spray will soon become your favourite go-to product – it helps to make fine hair appear thicker and prevent your style from immediately falling flat once you step out the house. You can trust it to help maintain your shape over the course of the day.

The Contemporary Crop - Cool Men's Hairstyles
The Contemporary Crop
For men with short back and sides and less than a few centimetres of length on top to play with, a short crop with a clipper or skin fade can really look the part. Finished with a blunt, chewed looking fringe which can be parted  (Think Lou Reed circa Velvet Underground.) Style with a crème wax to provide a soft, lightweight texture and a natural shine finish.

Men's longer length hair style - the mid-length tuck
The Mid-Length Tuck
This longer look best suits hair which is mid-length all over (roughly 20-30 cm in length) and relatively straight in texture, especially if you’re considering keeping it tucked back (as pictured on our Shoreditch Senior Barber, Aaron). A light body on top is complimented by heavier sides, helping to solidify a stylish shape whether you maintain this neatly pulled back style or opt to let it hang loose over the ears with a more textured finish. Worn with a dash of indifference, this is a classic rock and roll haircut. The longer hair gets, the more susceptible it is to look limp and lifeless, so shampoo and conditioner should not be avoided! Always use both (if your hair is dirty) or stick to just conditioner (if you washed it yesterday). The longer your hair is, the finer it is at the tip too – therefore more prone to tangling and dryness. Conditioner will soon become your saviour.

Men's trend: long hair
The Framed 70s
If you’re considering growing your hair out completely for summer, begin by asking your barber for a crop at 3-6 cm, leaving more of a mop-top finish (see old images of the Beatles as they morphed from clean cut boys into hippies for reference) and just let it all grow out naturally. When grown this way, long hairstyles adhere to our head shapes and hairlines, best framing and complementing our natural features. Often along the growing journey men will fall for shorter ‘back and sides’ cuts in order to achieve some degree of style whilst still trying to grow their hair out to a desired longer length. These temporary looks tend to graduate in at the edges or have harsh corners, which means that the layers do not grow out as befitting as they would naturally. By trying to craft a style mid-way through the growth phase, you will often find yourself left with unwanted corners of weight that tend to form wing-like shapes or a dreaded big mushroom effect.
Starting with a round, framed layer you can smoothly transition from a mid-length long style, to as long as styled here by one of our Senior Barbers within several months whilst looking great all the way. Like Mick Jagger’s 70s look – you can begin with a dishevelled and choppy style and go on to establish a naturally smooth and wavy head of long hair, with the vast opportunity to still get creative when desired.

The Thank You Bit
Cheers to Murdock for their help with this blog post. If you’d like to read more excellent advice from some of the coolest barbers around, check out their editorial site – The Murdock Man.


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