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How To Pick Your New-Season Coats & Jackets

Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for the summer – but winter dressing is a whole new vibe. Stylish layers, long-sleeve shirts, thicker knits and hero coats, who’s ready for a bit of new-season style?

As the temperature drops, there’s one autumn/winter piece that you simply can’t go without – a coat! Smart or casual, denim or suede, long-line or short, we’re here to help you find your new-season coats and jackets to cover you for every moment. Take a look at our below tips on how to pick new styles to fit your wardrobe.


What autumn/winter coats do I need?

By rule of thumb, you’ll need at least one casual jacket and at least one smarter coat (at the very minimum). The casual jackets will serve your day-to-day style whether that’s heading down to the pub or going to the game. Your smart coats will serve as your office attire, nights out, dinner outfits etc. How many new-season coats to invest in is totally your call – nobody knows your style as well as you.


Which coat styles do I need this season?

Style is so subjective, so only you know which pieces are worth investing in for your wardrobe. What we would suggest is thinking about what you usually wear and going for coats and jackets that match your already-existing autumn/winter looks. For most, that’ll be black or navy classics with a few statement coats thrown in.

If you live somewhere where the weather is unpredictable at best, you might want to look at getting a variation of lighter and heavier coats and jackets, too. Remember, you can always layer up!


The best light winter coats and jackets

Overshirts, chore jackets and denim jackets are the perfect autumn/winter light layers. For in-between weather (when it’s warm but not that warm), layer one of these styles over your T-shirt and you’re good to go. Coming in a whole load colour and material variations, these are the fail-safe choices that’ll see you from season to season, year to year.




The best warmer winter coats and jackets

Looking for something a bit warmer? This is where your puffers, gilets and borg coats come in. The best casual coats around, wear these with jeans or joggers (depending on the occasion) and match them up with your favourite new-season trainers. Layer these coats and jackets over tees and knits to keep warm for all those upcoming winter days, and don’t forget to check out our accessories (including hats!) to finish off the ‘fit.




The best smart winter coats and jackets

Heading back to the office? Maybe you’re starting school, college or 6th form. Or, perhaps, you’re looking for a new coat or jacket to spruce up your best dinners and date nights? Either way, these smarter coats and jackets need a spot in your autumn/winter wardrobe right away. Whether you’re more of a long-line coat guy or you like to keep them short, match these styles with long-sleeved shirts, jeans and loafers or boots for the ultimate smart-season vibe.






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