How To Get These 5 Men’s Looks From Netflix’s Emily In Paris

If you haven’t seen it, you’ve heard of it. And if you haven’t heard of it, your partner, best mate or colleagues have. Just ask them. Emily In Paris, now in Netflix’s Top 10, is the best clichĂ© series you need to watch right now.

Lily Collin’s new on-screen adventure finds her in Paris amongst a plethora of head-strong colleagues, food and, most importantly, fashion. But it’s not just the women’s wardrobe that’s caught our eye – we’ve been checking out the men’s style, too. Didn’t think you could learn anything about clothes from Netflix? Think again…

Here’s how to recreate our 5 favourite Emily In Paris men’s looks…


Get Julien’s Look

The boss of suit-wearing, Julien is proof that a suit doesn’t have to be boring (or even traditional). Let this be the trigger you need to bring some vibrancy to your smart attire. To get the below look, grab your favourite navy suit and wear a bright shirt or polo shirt underneath. How easy is that?






Get Theo’s Look

Although only a small role in the series, Theo, played by model David Prat, made a real fashionable impact when he served french mustard vibes at the breakfast table. If you’re yet to own a roll neck, let this be the push you need to go out and get some. Whichever colours you go for, dress them down with jeans and boots for autumnal vibes, or wear them under your suits for a modern tailoring feel.





Get Gabriel’s Look

The man of the moment, this pared-back look is right up our street. When Gabriel isn’t seen in his chef’s get-up, he’s generally wearing considered smart/casual clothes that make for perfect everyday wear. Here, we see him in a colourful hoodie worn underneath a navy overcoat – an effortless look to recreate.





Get Luc and Julien’s Looks

Another day in the Paris office, another elevated suit. On the left we have Luc, who shows us that different prints don’t have to clash, and on the right there’s Julien, who graces us with yet another colourful suit ensemble.





Get Gabriel’s Look

A white T-shirt, jeans, boots and a denim jacket is, as they say in France, classique. A look you can probably pull together from pieces you already own, this is casual styling at its simplest. That being said, when wearing this look, you need to make sure the fits are on point. That means a well-fitted T-shirt, a jacket that’s not too oversized and slim fit jeans that work with the boots. Double denim, our friends, is not dead.







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