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Find Out Which Hat Suits Your Head Shape

We know what you’re thinking: hats have to suit certain head shapes?! What kind of style nonsense is this?

But it’s true; just like glasses suit particular face shapes, not all hats are going to agree with you. That’s why we’ve created this quick and handy guide to show you which hat is right for you.


Best Hats For A Diamond Shaped Face

Broad cheekbones? Narrow forehead? Tapered chin? We’d suggest a trilby or a fedora to bring out your strong facial features. These hats look best when dressed up, so grab a shirt and a pair of chinos or smart joggers.






Best Hats For A Square Shaped Face

A very common face shape that suits a very common (and classic) hat, a square face is more inclined to pull off baseball caps as you’ll want something to make your face less boxy.


Credit: Giuseppe Santamaria




Best Hats For An Oblong Shaped Face

An oblong face shape is when you have a longer face than it is wide. If this sounds like you, try out a curved peak fedora (see above) or Peaky Blinders-esque flat cap.

Click here to find out how to get the Peaky Blinders haircut.




Best Hats For A Rounder Shaped Face

For a rounder shaped face, you need to even out the symmetrical nature by counteracting it with an asymmetrical hat. We love a bucket hat for this – they’re always winners to us.








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