How To Get Tom Hardy’s Taboo Haircut

Tom Hardy’s portrayal of a tortured 19th-century adventurer in Taboo was probably the coolest thing on telly since Jax Teller in Sons Of Anarchy.

But wearing a top hat and gnarly eye scar isn’t as easy as rocking a leather jacket and white T-shirt, so where do you begin in showing your obsession for James Delaney? In the haircut, of course.

We got in touch with an expert barber from Ruffians to give us the lowdown on how to get Tom Hardy’s hair from Taboo.


What Is James Delaney’s Haircut?

This style, inspired by Tom hardy’s hair in his recent series ‘Taboo’, is a high and tight razor fade worn with a short, razored fringe. The top, even though short, still has a touch of length to it. This creates more texture and volume up top.


How To Get The Taboo Haircut

If you’re heading to the barbers on a mission to get Tom Hardy’s Taboo haircut, your barber should know exactly what to do! If they’re unsure, ask for a high and tight skin fade with a short, razored top. The length in the top of the head should increase from back to front to ensure there’s a weighted choppy fringe whilst still retaining texture. It always helps to show pictures for reference, too.



How To Style The Taboo Haircut

Styling the Taboo haircut is pretty straight forward and easy to maintain. To get the look as seen on screen, start by washing your hair and towel drying it. While it’s still damp, warm a small nail-size amount of matt clay into your hands and work the product into your hair from the front to the back. Make sure the product is worked right into the roots to help it hold its shape.

For lazier days, this haircut looks just as good left floppy and untouched. It’s an all-rounder!



Will I Suit The Taboo Haircut?

Honestly? Anyone suits any haircut if they’re confident enough to rock it. However, if you’re more on the precautionary side and you want to make sure you’ll look your very best, this hair cut does suit square and oval faces particularly well. This is because the short sides and textured top helps to elongate the face.

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