Everything You Need To Know About Topman Autumn Winter 2020

Fresh silhouettes, a rich colour palette and exciting autumnal materials: Topman’s autumn winter 2020 collection epitomises how we want to style the colder months ahead.

From trending knitwear (both everyday and statement) to coats, trousers and accessories, these are all the cold-weather styling lessons we’ve learned from the brand new Topman autumn winter collection.

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Co-ords aren’t just limited to loungewear

We know our loungewear co-ords are bestselling, but it’s worth remembering that co-ords aren’t just limited to staying-in styles that won’t ever see the light of day. Check out our matching, co-ordinated jacket and trouser combos for the easiest styling you’ll ever have to do. Just add a T-shirt and trainers and you’re good to go, just like that.



There are so many ways to layer your clothes

Layering is so much more than wearing a jacket over a shirt over a T-shirt – it’s all about stacking colours, textures and patterns to create different vibes for different occasions. You’ll also find that, by doing this, you’re able to create 10 times more looks from the same number of pieces. It’s smarter dressing, really.



Monochrome dressing doesn’t have to be all-white

Sure, all-white looks are up there with the best (especially for winter), but if white isn’t your colour – or you have a tendency to get your clothes dirty – consider going for a monochrome look in another shade. That could be grey, blue, beige or green – work with whatever you have in your wardrobe and invest in some key styles to elevate the ‘fits.

Click here to learn how to perfect the monochrome look (in whatever colourway you opt for).



An accessory can take an outfit from 0 to 100 real quick

If your outfit is feeling a little boring, it’s time to step into the world of accessories. Whether you’re into hats, caps, glasses, bags or even socks (an easy option), our winter accessories have the power to make a look a look. Give our accessories category a browse and add plenty of styles and colours to your basket – that way, you’ll never have to go without.



Clashing prints is actually OK

What once may have been a big fashion no-no is now a totally acceptable thing to do. Gents – we’re here to tell you that clashing prints is genuinely OK! We suggest going for two prints that are totally different – in colour and style – for the best effect. After all, if you’re going to do it, you may as well do it properly…



Shop the key new-season styles right here

Like what you see? We thought so. From on-trend tie-dye sweats and updated co-ords (complete with pockets so you can easily wear them out) to cosy autumn winter jumpers for the colder, gloomier days, have a browse and shop some of the key new-season styles below. Remember: layer them up, clash them as much as you please and wear all the accessories you want. This season, the styling is all yours.







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