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The 7 London Rooftop Bars You Need To Check Out ASAP

So we've made it through lockdown (congrats, by the way) and now's it's our time to (responsibly) start plotting plans in our so-far-redundant 2020 diaries. First stop? Rooftop bars. Open-air and views for days, who doesn't want to soak up the rest of the summer in a rooftop bar? With plenty of London destinations about,…

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5 Key Pieces To Pack For Your Upcoming Staycation

Bring summer home with a trip worth remembering: this year it's all about the staycation. Exploring closer destinations in a bid to get away, here are 5 key pieces you need to pack no matter where you're off to. Pack your bags - we're heading on staycation. A trip down the coast, a countryside retreat…

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Your TOPMAN Outfit Based On Your Premier League Football Team

From Manchester United to West Ham, scroll down to see your TOPMAN outfit based on your football club. Big up the blues or shooting in red, your TOPMAN outfits are in their hands...   Chelsea F.C. Kick off in a navy co-ord.   Manchester City F.C. Smart/casual goals.   West Ham F.C. Ready for the…

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Our New Free Virtual Personal Shopping Appointments Are Here! Read More…

Stuck on what to wear now that you can leave the house? Need a way to make your loungewear feel exciting again? Our NEW virtual personal shopping appointments are here to save the day. Our team of style experts at TOPMAN Personal Shopping are here to help by offering free 30-minute virtual personal shopping appointments,…

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So You’re Going Bald Early? Here’s Why it Doesn’t Matter

It can be pretty harrowing for any man to realise their hairline and hair coverage isn't quite what it used to be, especially if you're in your late teens or twenties. We're here to tell you why it simply doesn't matter. Sure, we get it. If your hair is thinning/going bald early when everyone else…

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Is Matcha Actually Good For You? This Expert Q&A Reveals All

Matcha doesn't have to be one those far-distant trends you only see in fancy cafés and Instagram feeds - there are so many things matcha brings to the table that you can incorporate into your everyday life, whatever that looks like for you. We've linked up with ENSO MATCHA co-founder Natalia to get the low…

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How To Style Your Loungewear For Your New Casual Plans

As excited as we are to start making more plans, we're 100% going to miss the ease and comfort of dressing in our favourite loungewear every day. To soften the transition, we thought, why not just wear our loungewear out? Here's how... If you're not ready to let go of those loungewear 'fits you've been…

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Here’s What You Can Actually Do About Thinning Hair

We're not going to call thinning hair a 'problem' but it can be a pain point for a lot of young men, especially if they've been used to Hugh-Grant level mops for their whole lives. Luckily, there are myriad steps to be taken to reduce the risk, slow the process, and work with what you've…

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5 Boxing Workouts To Do Until You Get Back In The Gym

For anyone that loves their boxing, being kept out of the gym during lockdown has no doubt been a challenge. We've grabbed some expert tips on boxing workouts you can do while you wait to get back. We've teamed up with Vescoe Blake, qualified boxing coach & PT, who has provided us with his much-needed…

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