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These 10 Horror Films Are The Best On Netflix Right Now

Fun fact: getting scared is actually good for you, and not in a ‘we’re trying to toughen you up’ kind of way, either: it’s science. So, because we’re all Netflix enthusiasts, we’ve scanned the homepage for the best horror films on Netflix right now.

When we’re frightened, our brain releases chemicals including adrenaline and dopamine. These ‘feel-good’ chemicals are what gives you that almost euphoric feeling you get when you come to realise that, despite what the film was telling you, you’re going to be absolutely fine.

So, if you’re in the mood for a bit of horror, get comfy, get your popcorn ready and have a watch of one of these scary films on Netflix.



A very topical film, a grisly virus rampages a city, leaving a lone man (a video game live-streamer) locked inside his apartment, digitally cut off from civilisation. This is South Korean zombie apocalypse at its finest.

Watch here.



Deliver Us From Evil

Ralph, a police officer, joins forces with Mendoza, an unorthodox priest, to combat immoral and evil forces that are wreaking havoc on the city. This is a dark, creepy exorcism film that’ll have you on edge for days.

Watch here.




When their mysterious grandmother of the Graham family passes, her daughter and grandchildren start unravelling cryptic and increasingly terrifying secrets about their ancestry, trying to outrun the sinister fate they have inherited. Inspired by the film’s director and screenwriter, Ari Aster, add this film to your horror list right away.

Watch here.


I See You

As a small-town detective investigates the disappearance of a young boy, he soon realises that the whole town is plagued, resulting in his family being at risk, too. This is a tense watch to fill your evenings.

Watch here.



Starring Martin Freeman, Cargo is the journey of a father and his child trekking for safety after a violent pandemic in Australia. When the father gets infected, the priority is saving his child not just from everyone else, but also from himself.

Watch here.



In The Tall Grass

“It’s just grass. It’s just grass”. Based on the book by Stephen King, when siblings Becky and Cal hear a young boy crying out from the grass, they head in on a rescue mission. What they weren’t expecting were the sinister forces that wait inside. Cut off from civilisation, they soon discover that the only thing worse than getting lost is being found.

Watch here. 

In The Tall Grass


Before I Wake

Still mourning their son’s death, Mark and Jessie decide to foster a chid, Cody. However, this sweet new life turns bitter when they realise that whatever Cody dreams about happens in real life, real-time. And if that’s just his dreams… you don’t want to see his nightmares.

Watch here.




With an unknown illness that nobody has found a cure for, Eli’s parents decide to put their trust in an experimental doctor’s hands. Living in the doctor’s clean house, Eli undergoes extensive treatments towards recovery. But what he might not be able to recover from could be living much closer than he thinks…

Watch here.



The Silence

The world is under attack from frightful creatures that prey on humans that make sound. 16-year old Ally, who lost her hearing at 13, takes her family to a refuge in a remote haven, but things don’t stay so tame when they discover a cult who wants to prey on Ally for the lack of noise she makes.

Watch here.




Like a psycho-thriller? You’ll love this. Cam follows Alice, an ambitious camgirl, who’s discovered someone has made a replica of her. Stealing her identity is one thing, but stealing her whole life is another. It’s time for her to regain control and find the person who’s taken everything.

Watch here.





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