Alex Turner - Style Evolution
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Style Evolution: Alex Turner

From awkward, spotty teenager singing about dirty dancefloors to full-blown Elvis-esque showman, Alex Turner’s transformation has been almost as mind blowing as Caitlyn Jenner’s. Here we chronicle the Arctic Monkeys frontman’s rise to leather clad style icon.

Alex Turner - Style Evolution

Photo credit: Action Press / REX / Shutterstock

Around the release of ‘Whatever People Say…’ Alex still dressed like he was about to go out and drink 2 litres of cider by the swings. Bootcut jeans, JD sportswear and your bog standard polo top has never been the outfit of any discernible frontman (we’re not counting Liam Gallagher), so things had to change fast.

Alex Turner - Style Evolution

Photo credit: Richard Young / REX / Shutterstock

This is where the styles stakes get raised. Alex’s first foray into leather, teaming up with long time bezzie and other half of the Last Shadow Puppets, Miles Kane. You can never go wrong wearing all black.

Alex Turner - Style Evolution

Photo credit: Amy Harris / REX / Shutterstock

Wearing trends before they’ve even became a trend. Alex channels 50s American preppy boy here at Coachella festival in 2013 with a revere collar and smart trousers in shades of sand and caramel, the biggest colour story for SS16.

Alex Turner - Style Evolution

Photo credit: Hotsauce / REX / Shutterstock

We all know Alex has a bit of a boner for Queens Of The Stone Age, which we can clearly see here by the Josh Homme esque western overshirt that’s made sleeker by being bright white.

Alex Turner - Style Evolution

Photo credit: David Fisher / REX / Shutterstock

THAT Brits Awards speech was incredibly bizarre and cringe worthy, but the all black teddy boy inspired suit with its ultra wide lapels was on point. It’s hard to pull off rock ‘n’ roll in a sartorial way as it can often look tacky, but with Alex’s charisma it comes off effortlessly.

Alex Turner - Style Evolution

Photo credit: Buzz Foto / REX / Shutterstock

Here Turner steps away from the archetypal biker style and goes for a leather Harrington as a shape update. Since living in America he’s became a fully-fledged rock star, leaving his tracksuit bottoms days behind him.

Alex Turner - Style Evolution

Photo credit: Zachery Michael

Oh, we said that too soon, but at least it’s not the school chav look he used to portray. Here he poses with Miles again in a baby blue power tracksuit, and even though he looks slightly like a modern Italian mob member, it’s still seriously cool.


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