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A Guide To The Perfect Aftershave For Every Type Of Guy

So you know you want a new aftershave, but you have no idea which one. This pretty specific guide should help you with that.

Buying a new men’s cologne can be a tricky task – there are so many options that it can be impossible to narrow it down to one that ticks all the boxes. We think that no matter what kind of guy you are, you should have at least three under your belt that you can swap in and out depending on the season and occasion.

Are you a 9-5 office man who needs something steady and staple (pun intended)? Are you a party goer who wants something punchy and long-lasting? Perhaps you’re a man who likes the finer fragrances. Either way, we’ve focused on an array of scents for every type of guy whether it’s for you or someone you know.


What: Amber, by Laboratory Perfumes

Perfect for: The creative guy

Creative doesn’t mean you have to be in that kind of industry – what we mean is a guy who likes something a little off-track. This is for the man who appreciates the process and art of how the aftershave is created just as much as he appreciates the final product. You like to support brands who do it all themselves.




Smells Like: A spicy scent with bursts of greenery. At first, you can really smell the amber, but then, as time passes, it gets warmer with hints of vanilla and wood.

Where To Buy: Here.

TOPMAN SAYS: Laboratory Perfumes has nailed the longevity test. This scent is a game changer – the longer you wear it, the more it changes. Adapting to the body’s temperature, a few sprays of Amber in the morning will be completely transformed by evening – you have the base notes to thank for that. Made environmentally friendly in the UK with cruelty-free ingredients, these gender-free perfumes are blended the old-fashioned way.

Wear With: Amber goes hand-in-hand with a laid-back look. Pair a casual jacket with a smarter shirt and jeans.


What: Explorer, by Montblanc

Perfect for: The office guy

You’re a 9-5 worker who needs a scent for the everyday office scene. Surrounded by the same people each day, this aftershave will become your signature scent. It needs to be powerful enough to create a presence but not so pungent that you’ll suffocate fellow commuters. For The Office Guy, it’s all about balance.




Smells Like: Montblanc’s Explorer smells strong and moody with hints of wood and leather combined with patchouli offering fresher notes of the outdoors.

Where To Buy: Here.

TOPMAN SAYS: This is the kind of cologne that smells like business. And, if someone were to ask “what are you wearing?“, by replying with “Montblanc“, they’ll know you mean business, too. It’s strong, unique, but not overpowering. That’s the balance we’re looking for.

Wear With: Your office suit. Keep it a cool two-piece with a clean white shirt to match the freshness of the scent. Smart shoes should be polished and keep your shirt tucked in – always. Ties are optional.


What: & Horace, by Horace

Perfect for: All your favourite feel-good days

You know those days where you feel on top of the world? We think every guy should have a scent to match that. It’s not necessarily a party scent, but a feel-good scent for all your best moods. This scent, in turn, will always lift your spirits when you wear it, and we’re 100% here for that.





Smells Like: Top notes of spice with peppery tones. A warm, light sophistication that lingers all day long.

Where To Buy: Here.

TOPMAN SAYS: The smell of & Horace instantly transports us to a sunset on a tropical beach – rum in hand, no cares in the world. It’s an incredibly uplifting fragrance that warms you on the inside with the exact touch of elegance that a feel-good cologne should have. Super affordable, made with natural ingredients and personalisable, & Horace is a must.

Wear With: A revere shirt, chino shorts and loafers in the summer. A roll neck, jeans and docs in the winter.


What: Urban Hero, by Jimmy Choo

Perfect for: The party guy

This is for the guy who loves to go out. Clubbing, pub or general social events (when rules allow), you’ll need a scent that will last all night. The last thing you want is to spray it before you leave the house only for it to fade during a dance-off.




Smells Like: Lime and black pepper with a vetiver undertone. It’s a fresh smell with a leathery kick.

Where To Buy: Here.

TOPMAN SAYS: This Jimmy Choo aftershave has a distinct citrus scent for just a second before the woody base notes hit you. It’s like when you say hello to someone, smell them, and, when they’ve walked off, you then catch a scent that lingers long after they’re gone. We think that’s exactly what a party aftershave needs to do. Leave ’em wanting more.

Wear With: We’d put Jimmy Choo Urban Hero with a classic out-out outfit. Need something new to wear on your nights out? Knitted polos are for you. Smart and casual, you can’t go wrong.


What: Geranium & Nefertum, by Molton Brown

Perfect for: The get-up-and-go guy

Early mornings your thing? Love seeing the sunrise, taking your dog out for a morning walk or going for a wake-up jog? Then you need a fragrance that’s just as fresh as you are (and we’ve found just the one…).





Smells Like: Fresh fig and zingy bergamot with warming geranium and hints of sandalwood.

Where To Buy: Here.

TOPMAN SAYS: Long gone are the days where you thought Molton Brown was reserved for women. We’re here to tell you that Molton Brown is the luxury brand that every. single. one of you needs in your life. The brand’s extensive men’s range consists of shower gels, skincare, grooming essentials and, most importantly, luxe colognes including our new favourite, Geranium Nefertum.

Wear With: We’d put Molton Brown’s Geranium Nefertum with a pair of slim-fit black jeans and a pale blue oxford shirt. Head-to-toe fresh…


What: Porto Bello, by Le Couvent des Minimes

Perfect for: The conscious guy

If you’re a man aware of sustainability and who’s keen to do his part, you need to buy from a brand which shares the same values. There are plenty of do-good brands out there – it’s all about finding one that will feel the most authentic to the receiver.




Smells Like: This is a sweet and spicy scent that brings new flavours to the forefront every time you smell it. It’s a subtle smell that’s still strong.

Where To Buy: Here.

TOPMAN SAYS: Each of these unisex fragrances is made with up to 86% natural origin ingredients with an 18% concentration. That’s good because that means it will last longer without the aid of artificial ingredients. All of their perfumes are also 100% vegan – so that’s already doing wonders for our planet. We picked Porto Bello because we think it’s one of those understated smells where people will ask what aftershave you’re wearing every single time.

Wear With: For the guy who wants to smell amazing without being flashy, we’d put him in a smarter ‘shacket’. The shirt and jacket hybrid, these are perfect for every occasion.


What: Cairo, by Penhaligons

Perfect for: The showstoppers

If you’re looking for a scent for your wedding or an equally monumental moment in your life, or you simply want to splash out on one of the finest scents on the market, this is for you…





Smells Like: Sensual saffron spice, tones of patchouli, sandalwood, cedarwood and a hint of rose.

Where To Buy: Here.

TOPMAN SAYS: You know that person you walked past months ago that smelt absolutely incredible? They were probably wearing Penhaligons. The crème de la crème of fragrances, buy one of their scents and savour it for all your special occasions. Their quality is unmatched. Unsure of which of their fragrances to go for? Take their profiling test to nail it in one.

Wear With: Whatever you’re wearing for moments you want to treasure forever. Anything goes.


What: Atlas, by Laboratory Perfumes

Perfect for: The outdoors guy

For the guy who loves to spend his time outside, you need a scent that blends in with the outdoors whilst differentiating you with your surroundings. Think country walks and burning fires – a whisky in hand, always. This is for the guy who wears heavy knits and takes pleasure in the simple things.




Smells Like: The countryside. It’s a deep smell with touches of rum, vanilla, cinnamon and ginger. Black pepper lingers afterwards.

Where To Buy: Here.

TOPMAN SAYS: We know, we know. We’ve already featured Laboratory Perfumes. But after smelling this one, we couldn’t resist double-dipping. This is an aftershave that you’ve never smelt before. Its warm depths hold so many ‘flavours’ that it entices you for more and more. For any guy who likes nature and the outdoors, this is the scent for him.

Wear With: A trusty pair of jeans. You can’t go wrong. Man’s other best friend.


What: Pacific Cannabis, by Baxter Of California

Perfect for: The sporty guy

The only thing you love more than a decent aftershave is sport. Whatever it is (even just the gym), you need a scent that will last the duration of the game or workout while standing stubborn to any sweaty odours. It needs to be a scent that won’t wash off easy – a lingerer, in other words.





Smells Like: Not cannabis. We repeat, not cannabis. This smells like nighttime walks along the beach combined with a sea breeze. Sage, tonka, vanilla, driftwood, bergamot. A concoction of cool.

Where To Buy: Here.

TOPMAN SAYS: We too were a little nervous unwrapping Pacific Cannabis, but (much to our surprise) this fresh scent is nothing like the name suggests. It’s one of those transporting aftershaves where you really get a sense of the inspiration behind it. For the man who likes exercise, this cologne will have no issue out-weighing any other odours whilst standing the test of time. We love it.

Wear With: Your favourite T-shirts for post-workout freshness. En route to your workout or on the way home, there’s nothing better than travelling in optimum comfort.


What: JF, by Floris

Perfect for: When you’re there to impress

Important work events, first dates, meeting the parents… these are the occasions that call for an impressive scent. When you want to make an impression, there’s one obvious brand you can turn to every time…





Smells Like: Fresh citrus, neutralising musk, lemon and juniper with a woody base.

Where To Buy: Here.

TOPMAN SAYS: If there’s one thing we’ve learnt over our time as editors, it’s that you simply can’t go wrong with a bit of Floris. The epitome of sophistication, JF is the British scent that works just as well for a suited and booted guy in the office as it does for a man in his countryside tweed. A fresh, cool and gentlemanly fragrance, Floris’ JF is an all-rounder for everyone.

Wear With: Your best two-piece suit for smart occasions, or your favourite country get-up for weekends away in the British countryside.


What: Day Blanc and Night Noir, by TOPMAN

Perfect for: The guy who travels

For a guy who is always on the move, you need a bottle that you can easily slip into your suitcase but also looks great when showcased on your shelf. It’s going to need to be a scent this isn’t so overpowering that you’ll get sick of it, but that’s detailed enough that you’ll always be able to pick out different notes to complement your mood.




Smells Like: Day – A sophisticated fragrance with an intense, vibrant and glowing freshness obtained from the combination of fresh mint, Italian lemon zest and sparkling green apple. Night – This fragrance is designed around the notes of lavender and sage, combined with iris flowers, patchouli and tobacco leaves at the heart.

Where To Buy: Here.

TOPMAN SAYS: Obviously, we love both these scents. Perfect for everyday wear, these scents are subtle and versatile for smart and casual callings.

Wear With: Comfort is key, but style is important too. Our co-ords give you the best of both worlds.





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