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7 Times Movie Icons Championed A Leather Jacket

Leather jackets have been around longer than we can remember – they’re a style symbol that has worked its way through the decades with many adaptations along the way.

Paying homage to the leather jacket, we’ve sifted through our favourite films of all time, handpicking 7 movie icons that rocked the leather jacket to spark inspiration for your autumn wardrobe.


Johnny Depp – Cry Baby, 1990

Pirate or juvenile delinquent, we all know there’s very little Johnny Depp can’t pull off. Staring in Cry Baby, he showcases the ‘bad boy’ look down to a T.



Will Smith – The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, the 1990s

Not exactly a movie, but iconic none-the-less. Will Smith shows us how a leather jacket can be both colourful and cool. Oh, and block colours are currently making their comeback, too.



John Travolta – Grease, 1978

It’s impossible to do a leather jacket round-up without mentioning Danny Zuko, the king of the T-birds. Leather jackets were their signature attire, and how electrifying they were.



Colin Farrall – A Home at the End of the World, 2004

A leather jacket partnered with a graphic tee is a great way to lift the vibe of your outfit. Here, Colin Farrall’s Rolling Stone T-shirt adds colour to complement the heavy-biker look.



Matthew McConaughey -How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, 2003

A chick flick it may be, can we name a bad film with McConaughey in it? Repping the collar-less vibe, this leather jacket has a sportier look that we’re all over.



Elvis Presley – Roustabout, 1964

Elvis Presley AKA, the King of rock and leather jackets, so it seems. This is how we all picture ourselves looking when we wear one of these bad boys. Worn with a black roll neck, this look is the one.



Zak Efron – 17 Again, 2009

Another collar-less rendition, here Zak Efron shows us how pairing a leather jacket with a white tee is the easiest look going. We’ll leave the hair back in 2009, though.








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