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7 Of The Best Music Films To Watch Right Now

Need some inspo for what to watch next? This time, we’re here to feed you 7 music films that we’re big fans of. 

From the award-winning Rocketman to Baby Driver, sometimes a good old music film is what you need to lift your spirits and mix things up. We’ve picked out 7 that we’re big fans of, so grab your popcorn and get ready for movie night.

Disclaimer: these are not all musicals.


Bohemian Rhapsody, 2018

Based on the British rock band Queen (no intros needed), Bohemian Rhapsody is the true story of the lead singer Freddie Mercury’s life. The famous highs and the tragic lows, you don’t need to be an avid Queen fan to appreciate everything about this film.



Whiplash, 2014

One boy, one drumset and one big dream; Whiplash is the brutal story of an ambitious drum player who enrols in an academy to be the best. Led by an abusive mentor, securing a place in this unconventional jazz band is the hardest thing Andrew’s ever done, and that’s before all the blisters…



Rocketman, 2019

The biopic of Sir Elton John. Rocketman is an exciting movie that takes us on a journey – song by song – of his wild (to say the least) life. Including all the songs we love the most, this eccentric, bold yet heartfelt film is one to watch on full volume with a massive tub of ice cream (no expenses spared).



A Star Is Born, 2018

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper lead this incredible film of music, discovery, addiction, sadness and love. One for everyone, if you haven’t seen this film yet, you need to make it a priority. Raw talents and even rawer emotions, it’s no surprise A Star Is Born is award-winning.



Baby Driver, 2017

Baby, the getaway driver for a heist, is lured into helping one more time (under threat, naturally). The plan, however, doesn’t quite go to plan. Baby Driver features music start to end – for Baby, it’s all about the beats.



Yesterday, 2019

Paying homage to The Beatles, Yesterday is a story of Jack Malik, an aspiring singer, who one day discovers that The Beatles never existed. Good job he remembers all their music, then. Putting these world-famous songs out as his own, it’s not long before everyone thinks he’s the genius. Ps, this film stars Ed Sheeran.



Blinded By The Light, 2019

Blinded By the Light is a feel-good family film based on the true story of journalist Sarfraz Manzoor and his adoration for Bruce Springsteen in ’80s Britain. With important nods to culture, traditions, family and acceptance, expect to have a solid foot tap going from start to end.





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