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5 Workouts To Have You Holiday Ready

Can’t stop thinking about that holiday/staycation you’ve got coming up? How about the fact that you’ve ever so slightly neglected your gym routine during lockdown?

If crunch-time is coming for you, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve teamed up with our fitness gurus Mirafit in a bid to get the bod back to business. With little time left, they’ve given us 5 workouts to get all the right areas into shape. And because we’re that nice, we’ll share them with you…

Oh, and here’s what to pack for staycation… just inCASE you need it.


Workout: Dumbbell Flies

Target: Pecs



How to do them: Just like when you do a bench press, you want to make sure you adopt a similar position with your feet flat on the ground, your hips down and your back arched. Take your arms out at a 90-degree angle to your body while maintaining a slight bend in your elbow. Raise the dumbbells up until they’re directly above your shoulders. Keep your shoulders down and your back arched. Breathe out as you move your arms up and out as you move them back down again.


Workout: Decline Push-Ups

Target: Core



How to do them: Place your feet on a weight bench with your hands on the floor, and follow the same core principles as you would for the classic push up. Because of the angle, it’s easy to let your core drop while doing decline push-ups, so it’s a good idea to ask a friend to watch your form when you first start out.


Workout: Skull Crushers

Target: Triceps



How to do them: With the bench in a flat position, lie back as you would for a bench press. Take the dumbbell so it’s positioned above your head. Hex weights are great for this exercise as you can hold on to the rubber weight securely. Ensure your elbows are tucked in so you can target your triceps. Then, keeping your arms bent, lift the weight up and over until your elbows meet.


Workout: Bent-Over Row

Target: Lats, Rhomboids, rear deltoids & trapezius



How to do them: Stand to the side of the weight bench with the closest knee to the bench resting on the seat. Bend over and support your weight with the arm that’s closest to the bench, keeping it straight. With your outside arm, bring the weight up so your thumb meets your armpit. Squeeze your back muscles as you reach the top, then lower back down.


Workout: Concentration Curls

Target: Biceps



How to do them: Sit on the side of the weight bench with your knees apart. Bring your elbow down to your knee joint and position it so it sits securely on the side of your patella. With your wrist fixed, straight and facing outward towards your opposite leg, curl your forearm all the way up and back down, in a controlled manner.


Look like a bit of you? All you need to do these 5 exercises – and a whole load more – is a Mirafit weight bench and some hex dumbbells. Or take your workout to the next level with a weight bench and squat rack. You’re good to go.




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