NME Awards, O2 Academy Brixton, London, UK - 12 Feb 2020
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5 Guys That Wear A Vest The Best

Love them or loathe them, here at TOPMAN, we’re 100% team vest (that’s a tank to you American folk). 

Don’t worry – we don’t suggest every guy grabs a string vest and wears it sat on a camping chair in his front garden. We’re talking about wearing a vest for your everyday looks, not too different from how you’d wear a T-shirt. Want to see what we mean? Here are 5 guys who wear the vest the best…


Tom Grennan

Could a vest be the new shirt? If you like to wear T-shirts under your suit to give it a more casual edge, try switching it up for a vest instead – we’re into it.

NME Awards, O2 Academy Brixton, London, UK - 12 Feb 2020


Joe Jonas

Joe, the middle Jonas brother, knows his way around a decent vest. Worn oversized for a straight silhouette, this vest looks 10/10 with a pair of shorts. For cooler weather, picture it with some cotton trousers and an overshirt. Do you see it?

Joe Jonas out and about, Los Angeles, USA - 19 Jul 2016


Adonis Bosso

Ok, we know this is a catwalk look, but we still think this outfit – or a variation of it – is something we could take off the runway and into our everyday lives. Not feeling the waistcoat? Switch it out for a gilet instead. Easy.

Robert Geller show, Spring Summer 2017, New York Fashion Week: Men's, USA - 12 Jul 2016


Alex Pettyfer

The best gym get-up going, whether you’re working out or on your way, vests are a comfortable, breathable choice every time.

Alex Pettyfer out and about, New York, USA - 06 Aug 2017


Lenny Kravitz

Not a vest, but not not a vest, can we all agree that Lenny Kravitz looks good in literally anything? To make this ‘fit a little less show biz, swap the sheer vest with a plain black one and switch out the leather trousers for some black jeans (but definitely keep the blazer).









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